He’s learning…

I told F yesterday that I am going to Moldova for a couple of days.

He asked, “Are they going to split up?”

(We had had a number of conversations earlier in the year about my visits to Montenegro and Kosovo.)

He already knew that Moldova had split up from Russia, and so did Ukraine and “Blerrus” and “Lativia”.

I explained that indeed there are people in Moldova who want to split it up and join their bit onto Russia, but the problem is that Russia is now quite a long way away from Moldova, and anyway I don’t think the people who want to split up Moldova are very nice people.

He’s only seven. I suspect we will have more conversations like this, at least as long as I stay in this line of work…

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  1. bopeepsheep says:

    Recommended: Tenant of Wildfell Hall; Resistance; Tom Jones; Goodnight Mister Tom; Adventures on the High Teas; Tickling the English; Conrad’s Fate; Packing For MarsDragon books if you’ve already started the series; ditto the Rebus titles.

    Avoid: I Don’t Know How She Does It.

    YMwilldefinitelyV: And Another Thing.

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