Hilarity ensues

Reading Two Books at Once? Combine Them.

For example:

Of Stupid White Mice and Men searing indictment of the vast albino mouse conspiracy that controls America.

Three Musketeers in a Boat Genteel sail upriver with armed Frenchmen.

Amongst the Women’s Room Hero of the Irish struggle for liberation gets mixed up in a different kind of struggle for liberation altogether.

Little House of the Spirits Laura and her family build their own cabin and learn life lessons against a backdrop of revolution in Chile. There are psychic chickens.

King Henry the Fourth Protocol Henry snuffs out rebels, commies.

Men are from Red Mars, Women are from Blue Mars Kim Stanley Robinson’s epic about terraforming the relationship between the sexes.

At Swim Two Birdsong Sweeney climbs trees to escape trenchfoot and the horrors of war.

Tales of the Two Cities the gay scene in 18th century London and Paris.

Cold Comfort Animal Farm modern city girl tries to educate her primitive country relatives out of their communist ways.

The Player of Patriot Games Set in a anarchist/right-wing future where a government agent infiltrates a mysterious game organised by the IRA

Close Encounters Of The Third Policeman – Man is beset by strange visions of mountains and lights in the sky. Discovers it is all, in fact, about a bicycle.

Snow Crashing on Cedars Hacker uses futuristic technology to solve murder in Pacific Northwest. Jake Gyllenhaal to play lead in film version.

Underworlds in Collision A young boy finds a baseball, throws it into the air. It breaks the pull of gravity and becomes Venus. 900 pages of mythology back it up.

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