Hoger dan de bergen en dieper dan de zee, by Laïla Koubaa and Laura Janssens

Third page:

Monji: I was still a little boy and my father worked hard on the railway.
Monji: To make ends meet, he went fishing at the weekend.
Monji: My brother Abdel tried to sell the fish to restaurants.
This wasn't easy, because there were a lot of other fishermen selling their catch.

This is the story of a Tunisian who moved to Belgium, probably in the late 1960s or early 1970s, as told to his grand-daughter in 2015. It's being marketed to Flemish schools as a way of starting discussions about migration in the classroom; I found it a pefectly charming story in its own right, with some lovely graphic moments (eg the one above with the railway turning to fish flowing to the marketplace). I don't think it has been translated into any other language. You can get it in Dutch hereAzizi and the Little Blue Bird (with a different illustrator) is available in English.