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Lord Tebbit (Conservative): My Lords, is my noble friend aware that I had the pleasure of being seated at dinner last week next to our right honourable friend Mr Kenneth Clarke but that he did not talk to me, whereas the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who was opposite, was quite chatty? I particularly enjoyed a long conversation with our coalition partner the Viscount Thurso, who is of course a Member of the House of Commons.

Lord Strathclyde (Leader of the House of Lords, House of Lords; Conservative): It is immensely interesting to hear of my noble friend’s dining partners and the conversations that he had. I hope that he will update us regularly.

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  1. Yeh tend to agree with this too actually. Your intern situation seems more like when I have someone looking for PhD funding and they ask me to spnsor them more or less. I’d expect them to send me a cv and give me a good idea about what they’re going for so I could write an approp ref – all this predicated on understanding I think, and they know I think, they are good enough to go for something of this ilk.

    Given all this,this would be the unsuually situation contrary to my comment above where refs might actually help – high quality candidates, specific focused rare job, primed referee.

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