How I see it at 0315

Still waiting for Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

A bit depressing at the moment. Ohio is 53-46 to Bush, but with only 6% of returns in. Florida with rather more in, 41% of votes, has 52-47 to Bush, which is within shouting distance (and the gap has been narrowing), but only just. Nothing from PA yet.

One thought on “How I see it at 0315

  1. I read and did a chapter by chapter review of Eat, Pray, Love by some mad Yank bird. To give you an idea of what I thought about it, I posted the finished book to Pastor Terry Jones.

    I’m now reading On the Art of Opera by Kim Jong-Il, which is refreshing, by comparison. It is also unlikely to be made into a film starring Julia roberts, another point in its favour.


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