How Loud Can You Burp? by Glenn Murphy

I'm well behind on book-blogging – a backlog of about 15 books at present. Three consecutive weekends of travel, and then being knocked out by a bug for a couple of days last week, can have that effect. Anyway, getting back in the swing, here's one of the Science Museum's sets of answers to questions asked by younger visitors. The second paragraph of the third section is:

But let’s face it – the coolest machines in the world are the ones that let us zoom all over the planet at crazy, breakneck speeds. Cars, trains, ships and planes carry us across countries, across continents and across oceans. And they do it all in style.

It’s breezily broken up into five sections, first on human biology (“The Science of Me”), then on climate, speed, the brain (psychology and perception), and biological and scientific extremes (“The BIG questions”). The second section is particularly interesting, presumably intended to help readers in lunch break debates with young climate change deniers. Anyway, strongly recommended for the next generation of science fans, along with the other books in the series, Why Is Snot Green? and Will Farts Destroy The Planet?

This was the next book chronologically in my LibraryThing catalogue that I’d forgotten to tag as unread but still wanted to read. Next in that list is Roald Dahl’s autobiography, Boy.

How Loud Can You Burp?

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