Hugos in summary

Well, I don’t think I can really complain. Of the stories I put top of my own list, River of Gods appears to have come second to Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell; “The Clapping Hands of God” came second to “The Faery Handbag”; and “The Concrete jungle” and “Travels With My Cats” both won. As did the Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction, which is excellent. (With Peter Weston’s book second.)

Longer post tomorrow; now I have to go and join the long long queues for a) getting my stuff back from the cloakroom and b) getting a bus to the Hilton.

One thought on “Hugos in summary

  1. Re WoH, to be an alternate Earth it has to be set on our planet, but with some divergence far in the past to account for the differing history. Honnamise’s geography is completely different from our planet’s, as is her solar system (Honnamise is the 2nd planet out from their sun in an 8-planet solar system). The geography can be caught by watching the movie itself, but the solar system’s arrangement is detailed in the Wings of Honnamise B-Club Special book.

    Personally I’m suspicious of the planetary-lander shaped churches that are scattered around the landscape of Honnamise – perhaps the planet is a lost colony?

    You’re right about Gunbuster, but sadly OVAs don’t seem to be gathered into “best of” lists. I’d add El Hazard to any list myself.

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