I didn’t expect that!

I have to say that of all old-school Doctor Who monsters to return, I really didn’t expect the Macra!

I loved this. The traffic jam was neatly claustrophobic, the use of hymn tunes tremendously evocative, and the Doctor having to tell the truth about why he lied to Martha.

Sure, not a lot was made of the Macra other than some impressive CGI imagery, but I suspect they did better this time round than last time.

One thought on “I didn’t expect that!

  1. Given the length of production for Thunderbirds (the copyright date at least on the first episodes is 1964), if anything, Spooner went from working for the Andersons (for whom he had worked before on Fireball XL5 and Stingray) to working on Who.

    There’s actually very little cross-over between Who and the whole ITC adventure stable – they each had their own preferred group of writers, and the only major crossovers I can immediately think of are Spooner and Terry Nation.

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