I do not often think of myself as particularly short

A couple of telling photographs from the current trip. First, me and my colleague T with the Minister and his Undersecretary, who are both just under 2 metres tall:

And then, me with (left) the head of their Addis Ababa office and (right) two colleagues from their Kampala office.

Ador Akok Athuai, on the far right above, is 7’2″ (2.15m) tall, and I think is the tallest person I have ever met. He is related to the basketball player, Manute Bol, who died last month and was even taller.

I will never be able to pass myself off as a Southern Sudanese. At 5’10”, 1.79 m, I am simply too short. (Quite apart from other problems with such a project.)

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  1. The Newfoundland article could have gone into a bit more detail on the problems Newfoundland had with ‘responsible government’ and the catholic/protestant divide on the referendum rather than waste space on a WarPac Newfoundland.

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