I know these are petty points, but…

…about two thirds of you who answered the previous poll didn’t have the faintest notion what I was on about.

A relatively sympathetic article revealing the answer is here. The Guardian, God bless them, are spinning this story as the British rightwing press being outraged for the sake of outrage.

But I’m afraid this is part of a pattern in the last few days: Hillary Clinton presented her Russian opposite number, Sergei Lavrov, with a gag “Reset” button which had the word “reset” in both English and Russian. Except that the Russian for “reset” was a) spelt wrong and b) in the wrong alphabet anyway.

Come on guys. I was overjoyed when you won; please pay attention to the tiny details. They matter.

One thought on “I know these are petty points, but…

  1. I say whine and wine the same, but I’m inconsistent on ant and aunt. Sometimes they’re the same, sometimes different.

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