(This is essentially a test to see if I can post using my Blackberry)

In the middle of reading the Julie Phillips biography of Tiptree/Sheldon, so it seemed strangely appropriate to land at Washington National (“Ronald Reagan”) airport this morning, not so far from where she lived and died.

On previous trips I’ve tended to stay downtown, but this time I’m in Georgetown (just around the corner from Barnes & Noble) and on the way in I felt I was seeing the cityscape from a different perspective; the cathedral on the hill particularly striking, but also the tension between the Lincoln Memorial on one side of the river, turning its back almost on Arlington House across the water.

Anyway. By peculiar coincidence is at a conference nearby, but it doesn’t look like our schedules will mesh.

One thought on “In DC

  1. I don’t really see a connection. Also, the first one doesn’t really make any sense – why would they have just one camel – how do they get around the rest of the time? That highly contrived scenario is purely for the benefit of the joke, which I don’t think really has any deeper meaning.

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