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  1. I’m not convinced – in the episode, the Time Lords say that they’ve already used all of the forbidden weapons except one (the Moment – and the only reason they haven’t used that is that it has a conscience, which kind of implies that their own haven’t been holding them back), so they’ve likely already caused a lot of collateral damage (presumably all those extra invasions of earth etc. have still happened, for example), and the rest of the universe doesn’t know what they’re still capable of (and particularly doesn’t know that they’ve run out of weapons too terrible to ever use). There’s also the ultimate sanction that Rassilon is intending to use as a last resort (as described in an earlier episode). So the fear is rather justified, isn’t it? The fact that the doctor didn’t actually have to destroy Gallifrey to prevent it is what’s changed, though he won’t know that until he reaches the current point in his timeline. It is possibly a flaw in the story that the empty arsenal of forbidden WMDs and its implications isn’t brought more to the fore, but it is certainly there.

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