Interesting Links for 23-02-2017

One thought on “Interesting Links for 23-02-2017

  1. C.L. Anderson (Sarah Zettel), Bitter Angels: A nice return to SF for Zettel. I quite enjoyed it and wish she’d write more in this universe. A bit bleak, IIRC.

    Flora! Flora!
    Ysabeau Wilce, Flora Segunda: YA but easily enjoyable for adults. Set on an alternative west coast of the US (in the Bay area). Flora’s a mostly abandoned by her parents girl who longs for adventure–and finds it. (She has daughter-of-very-famous-people-itis). I think the sequel, Flora’s Dare is even better.

    Kowal Robinette, Shades of Milk and Honey: I found it overhyped but enjoyable (Regency magic). The sequels are better.

    Aaronovitch, Rivers of London: Another overhyped book, but breezy, assured writing, well-drawn characters. The main character, upon finding himself involved with magic, starts researching his abilities and its limits scientifically which is a really nice change.

    Hobb: Gave up on the Fitz books after 2 or maybe this book–much too bleak, and bloated. Fitz isn’t a favorite character either.

    Delany: As Gareth Rees says a very interesting book full of small details that stick with you. At the time a sequel was planned, but never executed. That’s likely the question Delany is most often asked.

    Alison Bechdel, Are you my mother?: I didn’t find it as powerful as Fun House and much too full of psychoanalysis details.

    Ack! Missed checking Race of Scorpions. As I’ve said in past years, I like the Niccolo books better than Lymond. IIRC, this is not a favorite entry in the series. It’s set mostly in Cyprus.

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