One thought on “Interesting Links for 23-10-2016

  1. Donna, totally to my surprise, turned out to be by far my favorite companion, even though I loved Rose’s story. But Rose didn’t make me cry, and Donna made me cry nearly every episode. I have endless love and respect for Catherine Tate now, when before I knew almost nothing about her. Consequently, because it is so much about her, I think probably “Turn Left” is my favorite episode of this season, although, boy. Pompeii and the Ood are right up there.

    I liked the Library episodes in some ways and in others…really not so much, so they’re probably the failures for this season for me. That and the deplorable treatment of Donna in the last episode. I read (or watched) somewhere that RTD had intended for her to hear the Tardis at the end, and to look up with a hint of memory, and he’d been talked out of it, but he was wrong to be. She/we/I needed that moment, and I’m still angry we didn’t get it.

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