Interesting Links for 25-10-2016

One thought on “Interesting Links for 25-10-2016

  1. My first favorite moment was Eleven walking through all the faces of the Doctor, which was just…beautiful. Again, as somebody with no attachment to Old Who, it just worked so beautifully for me anyway, and I was so admiring of it.

    “Vincent and the Doctor” made me love Van Gogh’s paintings, which I never had before. It also made me sob uncontrollably in the last museum scene, which is pretty well as perfect a moment of television as I’ve ever seen. That, in my opinion, is the best use of time travel imaginable (aside from saving the Library at Alexandria, which is obviously first on any reasonable person’s list). I’d like to be able to pull Nikola Tesla forward to see the Tesla Museum that’s being built, and the Tesla vehicle line, and all of the ways in which a madman who died in obscurity has been brought back to the light.

    The Last Centurian is my last favourite moment in this season. OMG, Rory. <3

    And yet overall I thought it was a pretty weak season. I just don't think Eleven has gotten good scripts, as a rule.

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