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  1. I really wish Eccleston had given us one more year. What I liked about Nine was that he WASN’T The Doctor — the one we needed — for a while, and that RTD led us through his self-rediscovery, brought into focus in “Dalek” and culminating in “The Doctor Dances”.

    Ten is still my favorite of the New Who, but that’s because I really find Moffat’s tenure weak. He’s great at individual episodes with someone ELSE providing the epic, overarching structure, but his attempts to do something long-term and epic felt forced. Matt Smith, as Doc 11, does an extremely good job; as a Doctor I like him very much. But, apparently as normal with my contrariness, I didn’t like Amy much and felt they underused Rory BADLY as time went on. I **HATED** what they did with River Song; River Song was never a favorite of mine,but I saw some potential that they could really have gone to town with, and then they had to make her the daughter of Amy and Rory in what was, I feel, one of the most *stupid* sequences of Who ever made, despite some true moments of awesome.

    I haven’t quite finished the last season yet, a few more eps to go, so I can’t say for sure how I end up liking this last sequence.

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