Interview again


1) Do you generally read the journals of random strangers? I do occasionally browse lj’s of people I don’t know, but the process is usually guided rather than random – for instance, a search for people posting about “epistemic communities” a couple of weeks ago brought me into contact with . I also often check out friends’ friends lists just to see how my entries look (worrying about posting too often) and I think that’s how I came across your journal, possibly via .

2) Brussels sprouts – love ’em or hate ’em? And would you force your kids to eat just one bite? Two very different questions for the price of one, but important ones. The easy one first: I like cooking and eating Brussels sprouts, though not to the extent that I go out of my way to find them. The other one: We haven’t really mastered the art of forcing our children to eat anything they don’t want to. It is simply impossible to negotiate at all with the girls, and F has determined views about his food (no meat except sausages, no funny-looking vegetables including sprouts).

3) What is on your tshirt in that user icon? Answered here.

4) Have you ever (wanted to) skydive? No, not really. I remember John Noakes doing it on Blue Peter in 1973; I followed the Stephen Hilder case with morbid intrerest; but the activity doesn’t appeal to me at all.

5) Are books a necessity or a luxury? (and what do you think my answer is?) I think my answer is the same as yours – that they are a total necessity – considering I noticed you also on Library Thing recently! (Incidentally, you and I are the only users to have logges Harry Turtledove’s Colonisation: Down to Earth – I thought it was a woeful effort; what did you think?)

As before, comment if you want questions.

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