Irish Times archive gems (mostly Who)

My grandfather and Charlie Haughey
My quote on the 1996 elections

Doctor Who
Wendy Padbury brings Daleks to Dublin, 1968
Introducing Tom Baker
Doctor and monsters apply for US visas
Irish Times anticipates New Who, 1996
Irish Times anticipates New Who, 2005

The day I was born (of course, the news is published the following day):
Stormont minister sacked, cont page 7
Greek King appeals for return to normality; cosmonaut buried in state funeral
Michael Foot speaks at TCD, Stalin’s daughter speaks in New York

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1 Response to Irish Times archive gems (mostly Who)

  1. very_true_thing says:

    Not really sure that “Who on Earth is Tom Baker” can be classed as non-fiction. 😉

    And wow, trying to remember which of the early ’80s Doctor Who annuals and K-9 books I had thirty years ago. Way to make someone feel old!

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