It’s personnel, not political

I was out for a walk yesterday and came back to find I’d missed a call from a Sarajevo number (+387 for Bosnia, 33 for the capital city) – a bit puzzling, as I don’t have much business there these days. I checked my contacts database and discovered further that the missed call came from a number in the Office of the High Representative. This slightly alarmed me as I recently wrote an article, to be published in a few days’ time by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, which is rather critical of the OHR; I wondered if they had got wind of it and were wanting to yell at me (which would not have been the first time that had happened), and sent out delicate feelers to my contact on the inside.

He came back and told me that the extension that had called was in the personnel department, not the political department; further, he knew that a mutual friend of our had been at OHR for a job interview, and suspected that they were calling me as a referee. Of course, personnel issues are political, but at least it’s probably not directed at me this time!

One thought on “It’s personnel, not political

  1. Yeah, I was going to say it looks a lot like an SCR/combination room, and doesn’t necessarily have to be an upper floor (eg, the Peterhouse combination room, which is similar and on the ground floor). But it doesn’t ring any particular bells.

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