It’s silly…

…but I’m posting it anyway:

is secretly married to a horse!
keeps a hamster for nefarious purposes!
has been sent by the government to spy on you to make sure you’re paying your taxes!
is gonna pop a cap in ‘s head, yo.
runs a secret pornography ring. and are regular models.
has secret fantasies about George W. Bush…

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1 Response to It’s silly…

  1. ext_256845 says:

    If I remember the book correctly, what amused me most was how closely — in the best traditions of the Hinchcliffe era — much of the action seemed very much in ‘hommage’ to an underlying film source: in this case the 1982 SAS-storm-the-Embassy pic _”Who Dares Wins”_, to the extent IIRC of there even being walk-on mentions of a Sergeant Lewis and a Sergeant Collins.

    I also remember thinking that a number of the Doctor scenes seemed patterned /very/ closely on bits from TV stories of the era: Android Invasion, Terror of the Zygons, etc.

    But then it was one of his first books.

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