Jan-Jun 2005 plan

1 January 2005

Didn’t manage to do one of these in July last year, partly because I was travelling quite a lot in the first ten days of that month and partly also because a lot of long-range plans depended on the European Commission post which I was hoping for. I guess that given my last ditch effort to get into the Barroso team failed, my personal priority for the next six months should be to start seriously planning the next move. I think my next task there is to read the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, and then get the new edition of “What Color is Your Parachute” and reread it. But I should also plan some serious networking. The public sector is straightforward – Franz Kaps at the World Bank, for instance, or the various IOMs and IDEAs around the place. The private sector could be a bit more complex, plus I’m not really sure if that’s where I want to go. I should plan to talk to a few more people – this John Hurley character, for instance, or Paul Adamson.

In terms of the family, I hope we can get this trip to the US together. That and a regular babysitter, and to develop a regular habit of watching videos or DVDs in the evening with Anne, and maybe even get out to a film now and then. It would also be nice to see if we could manage some kind of social gathering here.

For work: realistically I should expect two reports from each office. That means two from Kosovo, two from Serbia, two from the Caucasus. Also the Moldova and Macedonia reports need to be finished, Albania and Bosnia should be published, and I will want to commission reports on both Islam in Western Europe and Ukraine. Add to that also a trip to the Balkans in, when was it, March? And perhaps the Caucasus as well but that looks more likely to be in the summer.

Perhaps I should approach one of the Northern Ireland PR firms with the idea of doing a book-of-the-NI-elections site? Also with any luck Joe McCool will have had a go at the redesign of the site as a whole later this month, and there may even be an intern available for me come the elections season.

For general reading, I set my goals for 2005 as a whole on livejournal but will repeat them here: finish Crime and Punishment, Don Quixote and Little Women, buy and read The Trial, The Snow Queen, the Foundation trilogy and Foundation’s Edge, The Wanderer and Dangerous Visions, and then start selecting from the others on the list.

For my sf activities, I would like to attend a First Thursday as well as preparing for the WorldCon (booking travel and accommodation sooner rather than later). Reviews for my website – Gonna Roll The Bones once I have got a copy of Dangerous Visions, then Grotto of the Dancing Deer, then Hell Is The Absence Of God, then The Hemingway Hoax – which will mark the exact halfway point of the project. But I also owe Infinity Plus a number of reviews and really should try and send them two a month until I have cleared the backlog. I’ve slipped behind on Critters as well, and should return to my resolve of doing one a week – no more, no less.

The history of science, and fiction writing attempts, can sit quietly for a bit longer. What I might do, however, is teach myself how to set up those genealogical tables software, and do some processing of Whyte and Hibbard heritage. I also need to revive my study of Russian – it should be posible to finish the Oxford course by the end of April, and the fact that my new intern is Russian will help too.

For wider social life – should try and have two social not too worky lunches a month.

That all seems realistic.

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  1. la_marquise_de_ says:

    White Jenna is well worth reading, particularly in conjunction with Tehanu.

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