Jan-Jun 2006 plan

Career: Determined to make serious efforts here. None of last year’s leads has really come to anything. I need to sit down and work through What Color is Your Parachute again, and then devote some more time to working out what sort of organisation I would like to work for.

Family: Not bad. We have managed to watch two whole Buffy seasons, and Firefly. I wish we had more regular babysitting arrangements, and that we could get out to the cinema more reliably.

Work: Yuck. Of the five non-field office reports of six months ago, I still have Albania, Moldova and Cyprus hanging over me, and only Macedonia (a new one) is near completion. That’s very depressing. The field offices performed well, with three from the Caucasus, and two each from James and Alex though the Kosovo one is frustratingly delayed. I allowed myself to get into a real panic/depression about it at the end of last year. Need to watch out for that. Should be possible to clear all three of Albania, Moldova and Cyprus and get the usual office cycle in motion for the summer. And with any luck by then I should be on my way somewhere else.

Elections site: Well, ARK have put in for a decent bit of funding for it, so that may just work. Otherwise there is not much to do this coming year.

Reading and SF: Detailed goals set. The only one from six months ago that I met was Babel-17. I still owe half a dozen reviews to Keith Brooke. I also would like to do a couple more in my Hugo/Nebula series: next up is Grotto of the Dancing Deer. I also have vague ideas of attending the EasterCon and P-Con III, and even also MeCon in the summer. This may be too ambitious.

Other: We seem to have actually got the pension stuff sorted at last. I would like to learn a bit more Russian. Must sort that out; it shouldn’t be impossible to finally finish that Oxford course this year.

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  1. It’s funny; I was just thinking of taking this one out from the library. I’ll keep these caveats in mind! (Just a lurker of about a year or so, on both Goodreads and here, popping in to say hello–you’re one of the first places I check to ascertain the quality of whichever Whoniverse novel I choose to delve into; you’ve never failed me yet! Thanks so much for all you do!)

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