January Books 10) Cat’s Cradle: Time’s Crucible, by Marc Platt

I have decided to work through the Virgin New Doctor Who Adventures, and since I had already read the four Timewyrm novels, that meant starting with this, the first of the Cat’s Cradle trilogy.

It’s actually rather fascinating, just after watching The End of Time, to experience a completely different reinterpretation of the Time Lords and Gallifrey, the combination of Cartmel Masterplan and Marc Platt’s imagination which culminates in Lungbarrow (which is itself mentioned here as a concept for the first time). Like a lot of Platt’s writing it is eerie and confusing, early Gallifreyans and peculiar deserted cities, but with some fascinating insights and ideas, and some decent character development for Ace who has to carry most of the plot with the Doctor being in cold storage for much of the book. I do wish I’d been picking these up when they first came out in 1992.

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