January Books 25) Skypoint, by Phil Ford

Another pretty decent Torchwood novel, with an intersection between exploitative aliens and exploitative crime lords in the property market in Cardiff Bay, set just after Gwen and Rhys return from honeymoon, with Owen still dead and walking. Some nice exploration of the dysfunction in the Owen/Toshiko relationship (Toshiko gets to be on the front cover this time) and lots of reference to their back-stories which will please the diehard fan. My one gripe is that the supposedly Latvian crimelord has a rather Adriatic name (“Besnik Lucca” – first name Albanian, second name Italian).

One thought on “January Books 25) Skypoint, by Phil Ford

  1. My (negative) opinion of the Academy was solidified many years ago, when they selected “Annie Hall” instead of “Star Wars” as the winner. They’ve rarely given me reason to reconsider that opinion.

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