Judas and Jesus

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has collected lots on The Gospel of Judas.

The judgement in the case known as The Da Vinci Code vs The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail is discussed by here and here. I skimmed the entire 71-page judgement and found it surprisingly badly presented – could have done with a lot more commas and better sentence structure. However there were some passages that caught my eye, such as:

It is a testament to cynicism in our times that there have been suggestions that this action is nothing more than a collaborative exercise designed to maximise publicity for both books. It is true that the book sales of both books have soared during the course of the trial (in the case of HBHG it is said to be a tenfold increase)… I am not in a position to comment on whether this cynical view is correct but I would say that if it was such a collaborative exercise Mr Baigent and Mr Brown both went through an extensive ordeal in cross examination which they are likely to remember for some time.


Mr Baigent was a poor witness. Those are not my words: they are the words of his own Counsel in his written closing submissions (paragraph 111). Those words do not in my view do justice to the inadequacy of Mr Baigent’s performance. His evidence was comprehensively destroyed by the thorough and searching cross examination of Mr Baldwin QC for the Defendant. It is no good for Mr Rayner James QC in closing submissions to say that Mr Baigent was “over awed by the circumstances and agreed almost without exception anything that was said by the Judge”… I do not understand the implied criticism in the Claimants’ closing that he accepted most of everything the Judge put to him. If it is to be inferred that he was somehow browbeaten by me in to meekly accepting everything I said I reject that suggestion.

Memo to self: if I am ever in that position, remember not to try and make the argument to the judge that my own witness was wrong to agree with him!

As someone said, one wishes they could have both lost. Edited to add: See also in The Guardian, though they mysteriously omit to mention the judge’s mocking of them as the Grauniad.

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