July Books 20) 334, by Thomas M. Disch

I’m far behind with bookblogging (though hoping to catch up now) and it’s several weeks since I read this. I must say that it wasn’t a brilliant choice of holiday novel; the disjointed narrative failed to engage me, and I felt that the stories never quite concentrated sufficiently on either near-future world-building or interesting characterisation. It was interesting that Disch correctly saw the politics of reproduction as being so prominent in the twenty-first century, although the detail has turned out rather differently.

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  1. yea_mon says:

    It seems like every successive UK government ‘tightens up’ immigration, with the aim of discouraging foreign ‘scroungers’ from entering the country. As the situation now stands I would either have to have around 64 thousand pounds in the bank, or a job paying 18 thousand per annum to bring my family back to the UK. The new rules virtually exile or split-up families where one parent is British – unless said Briton is rich. Disgusting and infuriating.

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