June Books 1) Gather, Darkness!

1) Gather, Darkness! by Fritz Leiber

This is a rollicking Golden Age of Science Fiction story (which I got electronically from FictionWise); the earth is dominated by a hierarchical religion which actually uses advanced science to perform what appear to be miracles; the subversive opposition organises as witches and warlocks. Published in 1943, it’s a precursor to Arthur C Clarke’s Third Law, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. It’s also in part a riposte to the two Heinlein novels, If This Goes On… aka Revolt in 2100 in which a religious dictatorship is overthrown by a few good men and women, and Sixth Column in which a sinister Asian invasion of the USA is overthrown by a resistance movement disguised as a religion, both published a few years earlier.

Leiber’s book is much more fun than I remember the Heinleins as being (it’s twenty years since I read them, of course). Much more theatrical; much more improbable (the scene of the haunted house comes dangerously close to being silly). But great fun, and fuel for pulp cliches for decades afterwards.

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