June Books 25) The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle, by Jim Butcher

This is a graphic novel based on a series of books by Jim Butcher which had a TV show as well; but it was all new to me, and I only got it because it is on the Hugo shortlist.

It’s actually very good. Our hero, Harry Dresden, is a hardboiled private investigator who also happens to be a wizard, and is routinely called in to help solve mysterious cases in Chicago. The plot here, involving odd goings-on and strange deaths in the Lincoln Park Zoo, is pretty straightforward; the villain, being English, is easy to spot, and the rest is just routine defeat the bad guys stuff. But it is told vividly and with a certain humour, and very well drawn by Ardian Syaf (who is also ‘s illustrator for Chance). This is my first encounter either with the Dresden Files or with Syaf’s work, and it has certainly whetted my enthusiasm for both – especially for Syaf.

Will rank this behind the Serenity story on the ballot but not far behind!

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  1. swisstone says:

    According to her Wikipedia entry, Kate Orman co-plotted Human Nature with Paul Cornell (and he returned the favour on Return of the Living Dad).

    I actually find it a bit surprising, and not necessarily a good sign, that Kate Orman’s never been asked to write for new Who in the way that other stars of the New Adventures, such as Cornell, Gatiss and Roberts, have. Or indeed that Catherine Tregenna, who wrote some of the better episodes of Torchwood, hasn’t stepped up to the parent series. Or that Helen Raynor hasn’t written for Matt Smith. Does rather suggest that Moffat is running something of a boys club.

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