June Books 4) The Assassin’s Edge

4) The Assassin’s Edge, by Juliet E. McKenna

The fifth in Juliet McKenna’s Einarinn series, of which I am a moderate fan (see third and fourth books previously). Once again, competently done, and most of the threads from the first four books pulled together (though I did want to hear more of the lascivious island race from book #2). Among McKenna’s strengths (others are mentioned in my previous reviews) are decent battle scenes – just enough detail to make you feel that it’s a confusing, violent situation to be in, without at the same time confusing the reader (or at least this reader). There’s also a wonderfully described bath scene. And the final confrontations with the bad guys are most satisfying. I was slightly surprised, though it’s not really a criticism, by the low-key tone of the final wrap-up chapters after the plot is basically over; I’d somehow expected something more dramatic after five books and 2500 pages. But perhaps McKenna is just trying to tell us that life goes on.

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