Kunst in het Dorp

Every year, our village holds its Zomerfeest, and apart from a bike race and the organising committee setting up a beer garden behind the parochial hall, artists from the vicinity are encouraged to exhibit in people's homes.

This particular piece grabbed me most strongly: the Fire Dragon and Ice Dragon competing for our world, by Michelle Denecker.
2014-09-07 15.17.30

I loved the effort that some had gone to to set up sculptures on display in their gardens. These lovely wooden shapes are by Gerdi Fonk:
2014-09-07 15.12.51

And these reshaped scrap metal pieces by local Australian Vincent Ezzy:
2014-09-07 15.21.53

Here's a close-up of the rakish chap in the middle:
rakish chap

Finally, I spotted this brilliant interior composition, with ceramics by Bernadette Lefevere, though I guess she did not do the pictures on the wall:
2014-09-07 14.59.54

Good weather too, which helps.

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  1. How come Journey’s End is above Remembrance? That story was a like a piece of ‘romantic’ fanfic, with too much crammed in.

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