Last night’s weird dream

I dreamt that a former colleague had written a libellous article about me, and that I was trying to sort this out at the same time as transporting my own family and some minor princelings to the Dutch royal wedding in April. Funny what the subconscious will fling up at you. Also I haven’t had access to my work email for the last 48 hours, so for all I know one of my ex-colleagues has written a libellous artivcle about me.

One thought on “Last night’s weird dream

  1. When I reread the book (it is on my Pile Of Books I Reread Regularly) I often just read the Tines sections and the Usenet posts, they’re much more interesting / original than the more standard SF sections. I do have a terrible soft spot for modern-knowledge-in-historical-society stories though, I’m also a terrible sucker for all of those ‘modern humans get transported to Ye Ancient Tymes / Random Fantasy Universe’ books…

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