Latest meme

First real kiss: Deirdre who grabbed me at a school disco. Nothing came of it; she was going out with someone else at the time.

First job: Got a pittance on a Northamptonshire archaeology site in autumn 1985 during my year off.

First screen name: nhw14 I think. Certainly nhw** where the number was in the low teens. Back in the old days of Cambridge University's Phoenix.

First self-purchased album: Alan Parsons Project, The Turn of a Friendly Card. No idea where it is now.

First funeral: My paternal grandmother's when I was twelve.

First pets: Never had any of my own as a child, though there were rabbits and cats in the family by my late teens and we briefly had a kitten last year until it ran away.

First piercing: None.

First true love: Sue, who lasted for five years (1983-88). She's married to one of my best friends from college now.

First big trip: The first real adventure was hitching from Cologne to Stuttgart in the summer of 1985. Linked up with a Thai student who spoke no German (though claimed to be fluent in four Asian languages). Took us ten hours.

Last big car ride: driving to Ireland and back last summer.

Last kiss: This morning.

Last good cry: I shed a tear or two when Zoran Djindjic was shot in March. Before that, when U was born in December.

Last movie seen: Terminator 3, while flying back from Washington last month.

Last beverage drank: Large glass of cold water.

Last food consumed: Tuna and mayo sandwich for lunch.

Last phone call: Ekrem, a Kosovo journalist, looking for a quote (I gave him a slightly different one from what he was expecting).

Last TV show watched: University Challenge on Monday night.

Last shoes worn: My new brown work shoes.

Last CD played: The Dire Straits album I have in the car.

Last item bought: probably the grovery shopping on Saturday.

Last soda drank: Ice tea with my sandwich.

Last ice cream eaten: Over lunch on Thursday last week.

Last shirt worn: Blue.

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  1. Check for updates on the State Dept ‘spying’ story. The memo requesting spying originated elsewhere and went to several Departments, including Agriculture. Hillary didn’t write it, and probably never saw it. Her name is in the State Dept letterhead, on everything that goes through.

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