Lethbridge-Stewart: The Forgotten Son by Andy Frankham-Allen

This is the first in a new line of Who spinoff novels, this time prequelling UNIT by looking at Alastair Lethbridge-Stewart’s life and adventures in the gap between The Web of Fear and The Invasion (nine months for the viewer which we are told has been four years in continuity). I was a bit worried about this one, having been underwhelmed by the same author’s look at Doctor Who companions in the history of the series, but in fact it’s a competently done tale of clearing up after the events of The Web of Fear which also quite neatly salutes the Matt Smith era version of the Great Intelligence as well. The next two volumes in this series are by Lance Parkin and David A. McIntee, and my interest has been duly whetted.

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  1. inulro says:

    The Drowned World is the only Ballard I have read (so far), and I liked it quite a bit. It’s also very short.

    For someone who doesn’t really read science fiction, I’ve read a lot of the books on this list.

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