The last two times I posted my Delicious links by hand, Delicious posted them again a couple of hours later. I've turned off Delicious posting once more, though even that has not always been a smooth process ion the past, so hopefully you'll only see these once (unless you're following me on Twitter, in which case you may have seen them already).

Social media, black humour and professionals… – Anne Marie Cunningham queries the use of derogatory language in public spaces.

Raad van bestuur Belgacom dreigt met opstappen – Trouble at the top of my least favourite telecoms company!

Framework & Guidelines for Use of Social Media for Government Organisations (PDF) – Guidelines for (Indian) government officials on professional use of social media.

DUP could be biggest loser in the shake-up of boundaries – I get quoted in the Belfast Telegraph.

Most of you have no idea what Martin Luther King actually did – "He ended the terror of living in the South."

Why US Pays More for Health Care Than Other Nations – "Despite spending nearly twice as much, our results compared to other nations are disappointing. Take infant mortality rates. Studies show we have some of the worst results in the developed world. We pay for a Porsche but get a Yugo."

Ellen Ripley Is Clearly the Best Female Character in Scifi Film, and That's a Problem – (1) She's not a sidekick, arm candy, or a damsel to be rescued… (2) Ripley isn't a fantasy version of a woman… (3) The character is strong enough to survive multiple screenwriters… (4) Ripley was lucky enough to be played by Sigourney Weaver.

Digested read: Honey Money by Catherine Hakim | The Guardian – "In the unlikely event that a woman does not want to become a prostitute, my theory, which is mine, recognises there are other ways a woman can cash in on her erotic capital."

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