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  1. And if the ice was a little less, the meltwater of the Thames might not have broke through the Goring Gap, and the principal city of what we call Britain might be in East Anglia near Ipswich instead of London, or somewhere further out into the North Sea. Principal city? Presumably the cities of the North Sea like alt-Thamesmouth and Newcastle would have the same problems I suggested for the Netherlands, and the British peninsula’s window on the Atlantic would be Bath, and Liverpool, even more than in our timeline.

    Does the North Atlantic circulation still warm the North and Baltic Seas as in our world, or is northwestern Europe cold as well as dark, too cold for wheat to grow? If so, when farming is invented in the plains of southern Asia, it can’t spread into the freezing lands of the north and west, and they stay like old Finland and Siberia, home to pastoralists and hunters, eating meat and fat and drinking milk or blood through the winter. People are a little paler than Mediterranean folk, but never suffer the vitamin D deficiencies from an exclusive diet of grains, that in our world produced blonds and redheads in the last ten thousand years.

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