Links I found interesting for 18-09-2015

One thought on “Links I found interesting for 18-09-2015

  1. I suspect that the failure to see the Blackout/All Clear result is due to the strong disagreement between Americans and the rest of the world over that work’s literary merits. It seemed that pretty much nobody outside the US thought it at all good. But a US Worldcon means a preponderance of US voters, the majority of whom won’t be the thoughtfully literate bloggers you’ll have come across, and who won’t see the major flaws in it.

    It’s the only time I’ve voted a novel below No Award. It’s hideously embarrassing to have something that unreadable held up as the best of the field. However there seem to have been lots of people who did find it readable and who liked it, and at the end of the day, the Hugo is a popularity contest, and so it should remain.

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