Links I found interesting for 31-10-2014

One thought on “Links I found interesting for 31-10-2014

  1. I have to say though I agree with Orwell on many things, I disagree strongly on this subject. I grew up drinking traditional English tea (i.e. Indian/Ceylon blends with milk, and originally sugar), but at college I experimented with other types of tea, without milk or sugar, to try the different flavours, and now find the traditional English style pretty foul. China teas have a much more subtle range of tastes, in my view, and don’t tend to stew as badly (so a pot will last longer before the tea becomes undrinkable). Obviously the points about loose tea being better, water needing to be (near) boiling etc. are valid though. I don’t drink tea with milk, though when I did, I was certainly in the MIF camp, though I expect it’s kind of a big-endian/little-endian issue.

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