Linkspam for 4-2-2010

  • The medical journal which originally published the discredited research linking autism and MMR has now issued a full retraction of the paper – and how many children have died as a result?
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One thought on “Linkspam for 4-2-2010

  1. I see that John Scalzi is breaking new satirical ground there with his parody of Edward Bulwer-Lytton. But more to the point, doesn’t the story lose 99% of the joke by being read outside the context of his original announcement?

    ETA: Having read all five, I think I agree with your assessment. (I might put the Liu above the Fulda, but that’s because it has more personal resonance for me.) The Resnick is just dreadful, both in its anvilicious moral, and the shoddy world-building. When Julia said, “Oh, I wish I could see him!” I thought, “If only there were some futuristic technology that allowed one to make images of things in one place and look at them in another.”

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