Literary coincidence

So I’m sitting in this rather dull conference session beside the Starnbergersee outside Munich; and I remembered that I’ve downloaded TS Eliot’s “The Waste Land” onto my Palm Pilot, and take it out to idly flick through it.

And the Starnbergersee is mentioned in the eighth line of the poem.

Weird. Still trying to work out what it means (the poem, I mean, rather than the coincidence).

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  1. niamh_sage says:

    I voted for Night Watch and American Gods. I love Good Omens but it’s not my favourite of either. Also, I should say that my actual favourite of anything Neil Gaiman’s ever done is the Sandman series. I was very disappointed by Anansi Boys and couldn’t understand the hype it got.

    I’m fond of all of Terry Pratchett’s work, except perhaps for Unseen Academicals. I’m not sure why that one in particular except that I’m not really interested in football, so probably missed half of the references which usually make his reading entertaining to me. The Tiffany Aching books are my favourite sequence – I Shall Wear Midnight actually made me cry, which has never happened with a Pratchett book.

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