Liz Marley 1967-2021

Devastated to hear of the sudden death of our old college friend Liz. She was tweeting away as usual on Monday night, did not log in to work on Tuesday, her employers were concerned enough on Wednesday to reach out to the Ravelry network, one of whom lived nearby, could not get an answer from her, called the police and found her. We don't know what happened, and it doesn't really matter; it's a huge shock anyway.

Her 54th birthday would have been tomorrow week, two days before mine. We celebrated our 21st together, along with two other friends; here's the only picture of her that I got that day, partly obscured, with her typical wry dry smile.

Anne and Liz were flatmates at the time that Anne and I started dating, and I proposed to Anne (and she accepted) while we were staying at Liz's house in Cambridge. (Liz found five of the eggs she was cooking with that evening were double-yolked. We still don't know if that was an omen of some kind.)

She married soon after we did; hers didn't work out; ours did; we stayed in touch throughout the years, and she agreed to be U's godmother back in 2003.

We caught up again at the college reunion in 2010, and she gave us and F a tour of her workplace on a trip to London in 2011 (and, not to be too coy about it, she worked in the Houses of Parliament, so her workplace tour was a bit different from mine). The last time we saw her was when she dropped by Leuven for a couple of days in September 2017. She was overweight, as she had been for years, but cheerful and cheering as ever.

I missed connecting with her on a couple of recent trips to London, but well, I thought, there'll always be a next time. Except that there isn't. Don't miss the chance to reconnect, if you have it, folks; we do not know the day or the hour.

Edited to add: Liz’s colleagues pay tribute to her on Twitter in a thread starting here:

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