I am now spending a lot more time on the tram than I did before the car died. This evening on the way from work to Brussel-Centraal I overheard the couple sitting opposite talking English. They came from Somerset, in Brussels for a couple of days’ holiday, and they were lost; expecting to get to the Grand’Place, but sitting on the #93 as it bowled along the Rue Royale, so they were in danger of going seriously off course. I took them off at the Palais stop, and walked them down the steps, past the site of the Brontës’ sojourn in Brussels, down more steps through the Ravenstein and the railway station, instructing them to keep going downhill and veer to the left. I hope they had a good time; it was her birthday treat, and it was raining very heavily, but if they end up in the Roi d’Espagne as I recommended they will probably be OK.

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