Lovely day

I tried two more Georgian recipes last night, one of which, for the first time since I’ve been using the book, was not totally successful (a lamb and bean stew – somehow there didn’t seem to be enough ingredients and the tast of the herbs didn’t come through) though the other was good (fry slices of aubergine, smear with crushed garlic, scrape the garlic off again, serve bedecked with coriander leaves).

Another beautiful day here. I still have those two writing tasks from earlier in the week (and thanks, and for your input – and I see also Carl Bildt is thinking about it). But will try and fit it all in before going to England (for conference in rural Sussex) tomorrow.

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  1. gareth_rees says:

    why people feel so compelled to attribute Shakespeare’s plays to someone else

    I’ve seen it suggested that Oxfordianism is rooted in class prejudice—if Shakespeare was such a genius, how can he possibly have been a grammar school boy? How could he have written about kings and queens if he was just an actor? etc.

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