One thought on “Lovely day

  1. A few republican rural areas of Magherafelt council bolted on

    The likely outcome is that you’ll have all of Magherafelt council (app. 30,000 voters) bolted on, and that some of the easternmost parts of Coleraine council might be pushed out to keep it under quota.

    There are likely to be 4 seats west of the Bann, all of them at the upper end of the valid range with 15 seats).

    For example, on the July figures, with a NI average of 79,028:

    Fermanagh and South Tyrone (all of Fermanagh and Dungannon councils): 79,752.
    Mid Ulster (Omagh and Cookstown, plus all of Strabane except the three northernmost wards): 81,296.
    Foyle (Derry council, plus three northern wards of Strabane and two western wards of Limavady): 80,411.
    East Londonderry (Magherafelt council, all of Limavady except Glack and Greysteel, all of Coleraine except Dunluce and the two Portrush wards): 81,098.

    I wouldn’t rely on differential turnout continuing to favour unionists if there’s a realistic possibility of being shut of Gregory Campbell due to boundary changes.

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