Luna Romana, by Matt Fitton

The third of the Companion Chronicle plays featuring Terry Molloy as lost Time Lord Quadrigger Stoyn, this time with two Romanas – Lalla Ward once again reprising her TV role, and Juliet Landau, who we remember well as Drusilla from Buffy and Angel, playing not only the future incarnation of Romana from last year’s Gallifrey VI series, but also retelling a Key to Time diversion to Ancient Rome which presumably was first envisaged for the late Mary Tamm.

My classicist!Whovian friends should take note: the Roman sections of the play feature a pretty close engagement with the playwright Plautus, and Terry Molloy doing a fantastic job of doing several different versions of the unfortunate Stoyn who have all got sucked into the theatre. I always enjoy Lalla Ward too, but I found the Juliet Landau bits of the script more interesting, and the tribute to Mary Tamm’s performance very moving.

One thought on “Luna Romana, by Matt Fitton

  1. I gather this was a big success in its first year of publication. I read the first issue when it was reprinted as a cheap introduction to the series and found the story to be pretty lame and not something I could imagine myself ever wanting to read any more of.

    My impression is that having angels and demons getting it on and producing illicit young is one of those ideas that writers have every ten minutes, every one of them thinking they are the first to bring it forth into the world.

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