Macedonia reception

Big Macedonian event last night – famous Macedonian pianist, famous Macedonian viola player, famous Macedonian singer all perfoming to an invited audience of about 400, followed by usual diplomatic nibbles and drinks with live Macedonian folk music and exhibition of antique Macedonian embroideries on display. This was to celebrate Macedonia handing over the EU the response to the questionnaire they were given a few months back by the European Commission to assess their suitability for membership. It was a really jolly occasion, and the Eurocrats I spoke to who are dealing with the Macedonian case were genuinely thrilled by it – interesting that simply arranging a decent cultural event and inviting the right people can do wonders for your image. It was also nice to be able to bring Anne and visiting members of her family – people who don’t especially have much to do with Macedonia but went away with a real buzz.

But I still haven’t completely shaken my bug. Not sufficiently bad to keep me at home today, though.

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