Made for walking

Ursula took her first tentative steps last night; she was 13 months old last Thursday. So a little slower off the mark than Bridget (week before her first birthday) or Fergal (walking at ten and a bit months) but she got there in the end as we knew she would.

Then a gruesomely horrible night of interrupted sleep from about 0330 followed. I shall be fit for very little today, though I’ve already had a meeting with a French diplomat, am awaiting a Macedonian journalist, have a lunch with the World Bank and then a Kosovar journalist lined up for the afternoon.

Left to right:
Mladen Ivanic, Bosnian Foreign Minister
Fraser Cameron, chairing the meeting last Friday
Miomir Zuzul, Croatian Foreign Minister

One thought on “Made for walking

  1. You would have adored George. I cannot imagine what it would have been like with the two of you in the same room. Some kind of nuclear explosion from critical mass of erudition.

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