Major Matt Mason: Moon Mission, by George S Elrick

Second paragraph of third chapter (with illustration):

“Squeak, Squeak, where are you?” murmured the girl, nervously biting on her lower lip. She slowly pivoted in midair and stared at the distant earth, a hazy blue globe dangling in an ebony sky. Her brother might never walk on that friendly dirt again. The slender young flight doctor shuddered, de-spite the controlled warmth of her space suit. There was no friendly soil on the moon—nothing but sterile, gray-brown dust, monotonous craters, and saw-toothed mountains the color of rust.

I had picked this up somewhere along with one of my sets of Doctor Who e-books. I didn’t have the Major Matt Mason toy when I was a kid, so missed out on all the fandom around the Mattel astronauts; here we have Major Matt coming to the rescue of a fellow astronaut, whose sister is also on the team as the medic. It turns out that giant space rabbits are Behind It All. You’re welcome. The art is rather nice though. You can get it (for free) here.

This was the sf book that had lingered longest unread on my shelves. Next on that pile is the Roger Zelazny collection, Nine Black Doves.