March Books 1) Witch Week, by Diana Wynne Jones

The next in the Chrestomanci series, this time set in a boarding school in a world where witches are persecuted and burned, yet in fact many people have magic powers and are afraid to show them. Diana Wynne Jones is particularly good at portraying children being nasty (and occasionally nice) to each other, and the boarding school setting gives her plenty of scope, with the overt snobbery between the ins and the outs, and the deep-rooted prejudice about magic; Larwood House is clearly one of the (many) sources of Hogwarts. As ever, her main characters are challenged to overcome their imperfections, once again with the help of Chrestomanci who appears abruptly but decisively at quite a late stage in proceedings. I enjoyed this one a lot.

One thought on “March Books 1) Witch Week, by Diana Wynne Jones

  1. I enjoyed Dorian Gray many moons ago and it would definitely be on my re-read list if I did that sort of thing.

    I must say that when I saw your heading, “April Books 12)”, and realised this is the 29th I thought, “Hmm! Nicholas is slowing down. At this stage it would normally be ‘April Books 34)” or higher.

    Of course, I took comfort in the fact that your monthly book total is coming closer to my annual book total. 🙂

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