March Books 10) The Sandman Book of Dreams

10) The Sandman Book of Dreams, ed Neil Gaiman and Ed Kramer (and, uncredited, Martin Greenberg)

A nice idea, short stories based around the Sandman structure. The one that really stood out for me was the horrific “Splatter” by Will Shetterly, telling the story of the Cereal convention from a different perspective. (Oddly, Shetterly doesn’t appear to have published a short story since this 1996 collection.) Most of the other pieces were good but not remarkable.

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  1. I haven’t been able to read the EDAs in order. Between the EDAs I inherited and the ones I’ve been able to locate second hand and fill in with, I’ve got a much more complete run of the last 2/3 or so and am still working on filling in the books with Sam as main companion. I want to say that I own Placebo Effect but haven’t gone back to read it yet.

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