March Books 8) Sigurd and Gudrún, by J.R.R. Tolkien

The second paragraph from the third section of the Völsungakviða en Nýja:

Long ruled Sigmund,
sire and uncle;
Sinfjótli sat
at his side proudly.
There towered the tree,
tall and ancient,
birds in the branches
were blithe again.

One (well, actually two) of Tolkien's works that he never expecetd to see published – a translation into modern English, but using ancient metre, of highlights and interpolations from the Poetic Edda, much of which was also used by Wagner for his operas. I found the story-telling a bit dense – it is not always totally clear what is going on – but the language rather beautiful, with occasional moments where the two do come together rather well. Interesting to spot elements which were later borrowed for the Silmarillion and LotR.